In the following note released yesterday, Peter Crowley, President & CEO of Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber, announced his retirement.

After 12 years of having the honor to lead the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber, I have decided to retire, effective December 31, 2020. It has been a privilege to work with an amazing staff of individuals, interface with board members who are leaders in our region and meet hundreds of you—our clients. This has been the high point of my almost 50 year career.

I am proud to say that together we have made a difference in our business community. We have built programs designed to create connections that allow our clients to grow their businesses; we have built bridges across cultural divides; we succeeded in bringing together two leading Chambers to establish the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber, the leading business organization in Central New Jersey.

We have a number of months left to work together as we start to emerge from the darkness of the pandemic. Its impact on our business community, our families and our communities is unparalleled. In the upcoming transition, we will continue to support the business community and be an outspoken voice for business. I am excited to see that light coming.

There are far too many individuals for me to personally recognize who deserve my thanks and heartfelt appreciation for their support and partnership over the last 12 years. Please know that I thank you all. Without your encouragement, partnership, support and friendship, we could not have accomplished what we did.


Peter Crowley
President & CEO
Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber

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