Are you looking to stay ahead of the curve for women’s fashion this coming season? Are you sick of dealing with the exorbitant prices of department stores? Hate sifting through the racks of dusty rejects at thrift stores? Then its time you check out Trenton’s own Rainbow Apparel shop. Conveniently located in the heart of Trenton at 109 E State St., this expansive shop is the highlight of the block and is a beacon of iconic fashion that livens up the street.

Focused on providing fresh and affordable fashion, the retailer has expanded its reach internationally with over 1000 stores. With its headquarters being in Brooklyn, NY, since 1935 it has expanded its reach from across the United States to the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The store boasts a varied selection in the categories it specializes in: women’s, juniors, children’s, and plus size with new styles being released daily. Rainbow’s stunning apparel has been featured in several notable magazines such as Vogue, Seventeen, Refinery29, and Cosmopolitan. On top of all this, if you do not feel like leaving the house, Rainbow prides itself on its exceptional online store, making shopping accessible anywhere.

Upon entering the Trenton location, you will be immediately inundated with the vibrant colors that cover the sales floor. The amount of women’s clothing covers more than have the shop, promising there is a look to suite any particular need. Racks offered countless deals with sales on a myriad of different items. From a quick glance, most items were available for under $10. The store was manned by friendly and well-dressed sales associates who were more than eager to provide any sort of help needed. The clothing we found ranged from tops, shorts, and maxi dress to more modern and trendy options with unique prints. Upon considering the different fashion needs one might encounter, we found that it was possible to construct an outfit for almost any reason or season.

My friend ended up making some purchases upon our investigation of the inside the Trenton location. As it was our first time visiting, we were both taken aback by the sheer number of options available to choose from. Searching through all the different articles my friend mentioned how they were selling some very cute essentials for a price she has never seen before. And in trying on some of her finds, she exclaimed how happy she was with her purchases mentioning how the level of quality was pleasantly surprisingly considering what she paid.

If you find yourself in need of a cute new look, be sure to swing by the Trenton Rainbow Shop to find some of the latest trends at affordable prices. We are sure you will not be disappointed.


Trenton Rainbow Apparel Shop is located at 109 East State Street. The store is open Sunday – Fridays 9am to 6pm.

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