Whether you’re an existing fan of Eastern European food or you are a newcomer to traditional cuisine, Rozmaryn is a must when you’re in Trenton. The restaurant name, Rozmaryn, is Polish for rosemary and it serves as a symbol of friendship and remembrance, which is the feeling customers get when they are eating at this Trenton establishment. When you first walk in you are completely submerged into an atmosphere adorned with warm yellow walls and brick decorations. From homey décor to welcoming staff, the ambiance creates a cozy and friendly environment as soon as you enter the door.

Chef, Owner and Server, Joanna Myslowski, has been serving up Polish favorites since 2009 when Rozmaryn first opened its doors in Trenton. Each recipe is hand crafted after Mrs. Myslowski’s own mother’s recipes; but, the authenticity doesn’t stop there. The menu even has Polish translations of every item so you are transported to Poland throughout the whole experience. Some of the customer’s favorite dishes include; Pierogis, Gypsy Special, and Tenderloin Schnitzel.

To start the meal off we ordered the Polish Plate, which includes an assortment of pierogis, Kielbasa, and potato pancakes with apple sauce. This is the perfect appetizer for someone who may not be familiar with Polish cuisine. The dish allows customers to try a few of Polish’s most famously known dishes. Each item included in the plate was cooked beautifully, from the crispy potatoes pancakes to the flavorful, juicy Kielbasa. Following the appetizer, we ordered the breaded pork tenderloin schnitzel. The crispy schnitzel was perfectly married with a runny sunny-sided up egg. Together, the flavors busted in your mouth. The large portion was also accompanied by mashed potatoes and a hearty portion of beet salad. Each dish had authentic flavors that made you forget you were in New Jersey for a moment.

Whether you are looking to try authentic Polish cooking for the first time or have a long lasting love for the cuisine, Rozmaryn is definitely a place worth stopping. You can find more information about Rozmaryn at this link here: http://www.rozmarynrestaurant.com.

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