The saying goes, “Not all those who wander are lost,” (J. R. R. Tolkien). If you ever find yourself wandering around the New Jersey State Library, this saying is most likely applicable to you.

185 West State Street is the location, but can you really remain in one place? Downtown Trenton is a wonder to explore. With many stores, phenomenal food establishments, historic sights, and Mill Hill Park, one can truly get carried away in their discovery. A sight to see, appealing to the eye with its stunning views, is Serene Gardens which wraps around the NJ State Library and neighbors the NJ State Museum.

The open space, equipped with a fountain, multiple benches, and geometric structures, is strategically constructed for visitors to be drawn in at their leisure. Whether mesmerized by the water that falls from the stairs of the fountain or intrigued by the large pyramid that rests towards the back of the space, one is sure to find their “own” cozy area to relax.

The picturesque scenery of Serene Gardens’ main area, where the fountain is centered, is truly stunning. Even more beautiful, are the views found reaching the back area. Sitting at the benches near the pyramid accompanied by a slight breeze of the wind, the view of the sun shining down on the NJ State House amidst the clouds is exceptionally fulfilling.

To continue experiencing the relaxation, visitors can also walk down the white stair case next to the planetarium of the NJ State Museum, which will lead them to a lush green lawn with multiple benches and a large flag pole that rests in the center.

Wandering around Serene Gardens is absolutely blissful. The next time you’re in the area and have time to spare, stay awhile and visit to enjoy a breath of fresh air.

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