Attention all photographers! Now’s the chance to show off your best shots of the Capital City for a fantastic cause.

The Trenton Health Team recently announced the launch of this year’s #WhyILikeTrenton photo contest. This contest allows city residents to get creative, explore the Capital City, and share with other community members what makes Trenton so unique. This is also an excellent opportunity to highlight the many quirks and charms that make the city of Trenton such a special place. There is hidden beauty waiting around every corner, and now is your opportunity to show off your favorite hidden gems in the Capital City.

Photos will be accepted beginning on June 1st and concluding on June 30th. In total, four winners will be announced, who will be judged on the following criteria:

  • The photo submitted with the most likes will receive a $100 prize; first-place winners may also select a Trenton-based nonprofit, school, or faith-based organization to receive an additional $100 donation from THT.
  • A distinguished panel of judges, including Leon Rainbow, Craig Shofed, and Bradd M. Jackson, will select a 1st prize winner ($100), 2nd prize ($50), and 3rd place ($25). In addition, each judge will select one work that stands out to them.

If the winning photo is submitted by a minor, a parent or guardian will be eligible to accept the prize on the child’s behalf. In addition to these prizes, winners will be featured in a press release and on Trenton Health Team’s social media channels. Photos will also be displayed at THT offices, One West State Street, and select organizations and businesses in Trenton in print and on viral platforms.

Photos can include anything from local monuments and sculptures to heartfelt family moments and everything in between. To participate, photographers must meet the following criteria:

  • Both amateur and professional photographers are welcome; all participants, however, must be 13 years or older to be eligible
  • Photos must not contain any explicit or otherwise obscene material
  • Any individuals featured in the photographs must consent to be featured; THT will verify that permission was granted before submitting the photo.
  • Photographers must follow Trenton Health Team on Instagram and Facebook, use the #WhyILikeTrenton hashtag, tag Trenton Health Team, geotag the location, and share your Trenton story with the caption “I like Trenton because…”.

From there, all you need to do is post your photo, share it with friends, and let the likes begin pouring in!

Photography is a fantastic medium to share our days and highlight the people, places, and things that make life unique. Especially with the rise of photography-focused social media like Facebook and Instagram, harnessing these tools can be a powerful mechanism to get people talking and taking an interest in the next up-and-coming spots. As a community, Trenton constantly strives to attract new visitors and dismantle the preconceived notions that many may have before visiting Capital City. This photo contest is a fantastic opportunity to spread the love for this amazing community and show off some of the most Instagram-worthy moments in the City of Trenton.

If you have any questions before submitting your flicks, please get in touch with the Trenton Health Team at for additional details. Don’t let those photography skills go to waste, be sure to submit your snapshot and share why you love Trenton with the world!

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