“I’m gonna do it,” said Jacque Howard to his childhood bestfriend, Marc Leckington. These four simple words were the first steps to a new beginning for the skateboarders and potential skateboarders of Trenton.

Friends since elementary school, both Howard and Leckington shared a love for action sports such as BMX riding and skateboarding. Working jobs in Trenton, the two were mesmerized by just how many people they saw cruising around the city on skateboards. For Howard and Leckington, this was an eyeopener that led them to pursue an outdoor skatepark in the city.

Eager to expand the art of skateboarding in Trenton by building an outdoor skatepark, Howard and Leckington have worked effortlessly towards reaching their goal by creating petitions, holding meetings, and hosting promotion events. “I am passionate about having an outdoor skatepark built in Trenton,” said Howard. “We have several partners and a committed group of Trentonians who are working to make this happen. We are known as Friends Of Amtico Square.”

In their efforts to build a skatepark, The Friends of Amtico Square have taken the initiative to give back to the community. As a non-profit organization, The Friends of Amtico Square hold weekly Sk8 Jams (weather permitting) on Saturdays at Sonny Vereen Park located at 51 Fillmore St. in east Trenton. Their objective in doing so is not solely based on the sport of skateboarding. The group also aims to encourage residents of Trenton of all races and ages, to take part in the product development, architecture design, fashion, and overall alternative recreation that the sport has to offer.

The Sk8 Jams held are free and the Friends of Amtico Square supply those who attend with boards, ramps, and safety equipment. Locals can choose to either volunteer or skate (both tasks not requiring experience). Taking place during the summer, The Friends of Amtico provide light refreshments (fruit and water) to keep the skaters and volunteers hydrated in the often hot weather.

If you’re ever in need of a new hobby, interested in making new friends or want to pass the time, check out The Friends of Amtico on Facebook and at their weekly Sk8 Jams to become involved.

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