Art is a tool for understanding our past, while also serving as a powerful medium for visualizing our future. These creations transcend age, background, or circumstances, inviting each and every one of us to come to the table and share in the connective beauty of art. Here in Trenton, the arts are a massive priority and a major driver of what makes our community such a special place. From the murals lighting up our city streets to the museums lining up and down the downtown region, creativity always has a home in the Capital City. If you’re an artist looking to share your creations and meaningfully support Trenton along the way, the Old Barracks needs you for an engaging new gallery.

The Old Barracks is currently seeking submissions for their upcoming spring gallery show, “Trenton Makes”. As the name suggests, this display is centered on all things Trenton: from local artists to creations featuring some of Trenton’s most iconic spots, any creations centering the Capital City are welcome to apply. If you are a Trenton-based creative and are interested in having your work featured in the exhibit, please send all submissions to by midnight, March 17, 2023. Additional details and instructions on how to submit your work can be found on the Old Barracks website, linked here: Submissions – Trenton Makes.

Due to the constraints of the venue, all submitted works must be wired to be hung by existing railing system in gallery spaces. Please note that works must be two-dimensional, as no three-dimensional work will be accepted. At this time, only individual artists need apply, as the Old Barracks is not accepting submissions from collaborative projects at this time. All submitted works will be considered by a jury composed of Old Barracks Museum staff and board. All adjudications are final and will be based on the following traits: 1.) artistic quality and 2.) connection to thematic and locational requirements. Artists who submitted works for consideration will be told of the final determination by March 24th, 2023. Please do be aware that all decisions made by the jury are final.

By submitting your work to the “Trenton Makes” gallery, you are playing a fundamental role in helping keep the mission and the impact of the Old Barracks alive. The “Trenton Makes” gallery represents a larger fundraising campaign to help support this museum and its programming. As one of the region’s premier living history museums, the Old Barracks plays a crucial role in keeping Trenton’s Revolutionary history alive. The art featured in this exhibit will take visitors on a wondrous journey through Trenton’s past, highlighting the very best our community has to offer in both the current and historical context. If you aren’t an artist yourself but are looking forward to diving into the exhibit, not to worry! This  exhibit will open to the public on April 7th, 2024, with an opening reception set for the same date.

If you have any questions or are in need of any assistance with your submission, please touch base with the Old Barracks at for additional assistance. You can’t have the “Trenton Makes” exhibit without the makers themselves, so be sure to reach out with your submission today!

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