Twas the year 2020, a year known for its jarring events, unforeseen diseases, and multifaceted global affairs affecting families and communities in many ways. Despite the trials and tribulations, unity and positivity prevailed with the tireless dedication and hard work of caring individuals in the Trenton community; all with hopes to make the world a better place.

The Corey McNair Foundation, established to build civic engagement, organize community service projects, and spark dialogue between law enforcement and Trenton residents, have done it once again. Founded by Trenton Police Department Detective Corey McNair, two individuals were presented with acts of goodwill, and thoughtfulness which has undoubtedly produced a rippling effect of kindness within the Trenton community.

75-year-old East Ward resident Miriam Torres was one of them. With much-needed repairs and landscaping work required at the front of her home, Miriam Torres was not only selected but met with a helping hand to receive assistance in restoration. After rounding up 25 earnest volunteers and raising funds for the project, the front of the home underwent landscaping, paintwork, and revitalization bringing forth a beautiful porch and front lawn.

With a rippling effect of kindness flowing throughout New Jersey’s Capital City, Miriam Torres received another wonderful surprise. After the realization of a cold draft of air making way into the senior’s home, a couple who wished to stay anonymous, voluntarily donated funds to repair and restore what had been contributing to the draft; her windows.


Torres, a well-respected mother figure in the community, voiced alongside a heartfelt thank you that she had never felt this much love and appreciation since her husband passed. Lost for words, the senior expressed how her thanksgiving had been met with so much community support and kindness.

“My mission for this foundation is to give back to the community that I was born and raised in,” said McNair. “My goal has been to continue advocating for individuals in the city who are not able to advocate for themselves as a member of the law enforcement…and being able to support Ms. Torres shows that there is hope out there.” 

Having already assisted four seniors within the Trenton community with financial support to prevent evictions, putting in work to restore and repair homes, and providing rejuvenation of yards and lawns, the Corey McNair Foundation is determined to continue its support and advocacy work for Trenton residents. Even if that means taking it one day at a time.

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