Children often dream of becoming famous athletes, rock stars, and astronauts. For them the future is a distant reality out of their grasps, but filled with hope and prosperity. To ensure that children have a future as bright as their aspirations may be, one organization makes it their mission to ensure “normal” development for Trenton’s children.

Founded in 2001, Children’s Futures focuses on early childhood health initiatives in the capital region. Initially targeting the 0-3 range, the organization has since expanded to the 0-5 range and beyond. Staying involved and checking in with children as they get older, Children’s Futures is on a mission to have every child healthy and mentally prepared as they enter school.

Starting with prenatal care for mothers, the organization provides ongoing support and education for families as their children grow up. From the womb to the classroom, Children’s Futures provides every mother and their child with proper nutrition, medication, doctor’s visits, and an array of programs for first time moms including home visits with nurses and community health workers.

Over the years Children’s Futures has reached more than 56,000 people in the capital region. They serve 1,200 individuals directly through their programs and reach over 5,000 individuals through workshops and outreach efforts to help mothers and young children.

By sponsoring a toy and book drive, Children’s Future gives away thousands of toys and books to Trenton youth. They work closely with local physicians’ offices to promote youth literacy by distributing books during check-ups through their “Reach out and Read” program. The “Reach out and Read” Program was started in 2005 and has since distributed over 47,000 books through partnerships with 11 pediatricians’ offices in Trenton.

To connect with Children’s Futures you can visit them at 16 West Front Street, Suite 220, call them at 609-695-1977, or visit them at

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