Being overweight or feeling unhappy with your body is a problem many of us face. Losing weight and feeling healthy does not happen overnight. It requires dedication and hard work. Although working out can definitely give you results, living a vegan or a vegetarian lifestyle can be effective options for many people.

The terms “vegan” and “vegetarian” are different, but have certain similarities. A vegan lifestyle consists of eating no dairy. The reason people live a vegan lifestyle may vary, but some include wanting to be fairer to animals, or because they might be lactose intolerant. Being vegan does not mean you are limited to eating fruits and vegetables; there are many vegan substitutes such as vegan cheese and vegan milk. On the other hand, being vegetarian consists of being able to consume dairy, but not meat. The similarity between the two is that both consist of cutting out meat. The biggest difference is that one involves cutting out dairy and meat while the other only consists of cutting out meat. It is obvious that living a vegan lifestyle is more difficult than living a vegetarian lifestyle. In the Trenton community, the restaurant, Health Is Wealth, makes it easier for people to live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle that is actually enjoyable.

Health Is Wealth is located at 242 E. State Street in Trenton. It provides a menu that is friendly for either lifestyle, but the establishment specialize in making vegan items. The restaurant aims to give you a pleasant experience by finding a substitute for almost every item that includes dairy or meat. It is a small restaurant that does not have a formal website; however, it’s easy to find being just steps away from Trenton City Hall.

You can see customer reviews on Happy Cow, Yelp, or on Health Is Wealth’s Facebook page. One review says that “the vegan platter is delicious and varied, as well as was the strawberry pineapple and banana smoothie.” Another review says, “I had a veggie burger with a side of plantains and sweet potato fries. Absolutely delicious…”

One more review says, “I got the large veggie platter for $16, and I was hooked from the first bite.” This goes to show that the platters at Health Is Wealth are one of the most popular food items. Health Is Wealth also creates juices with fresh fruits and vegetables.

The restaurant recognizes that it is not easy to suddenly transform your way of eating. That is why they aim to give you vegan/vegetarian meal options as well as dessert options. They also make fresh smoothies which are popular with customers. The restaurant is meant to be more of a take-out restaurant, but they also have limited seating for those of you who actually want to sit there, relax and enjoy your meal. Check out the food menu featured on, including a vegan mac and cheese, vegan fish sandwich, a vegan strawberry shortcake, a vegan carrot cake, veggie turkey burgers, veggie chicken burgers, etc.

Health Is Wealth proves that living a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle does not limit what you can eat and what you cannot eat: There is a substitute item for every single unhealthy or non-vegan item you decide to cut out. This restaurant wants to help you achieve your goal of eating healthier while providing you with foods that will never feel like a diet.

Customers in the past have been very satisfied with the restaurant and one in a review said “there was a lot of food, but everything was delicious, and I ate every bite with glee. Recommended.”

The customer reviews for Health Is Wealth speak for themselves and stand out with high marks!  Visit Health Is Wealth at 242 E. State Street in Trenton and start your new healthy life journey!

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