Never underestimate the importance of appearance. The way someone dresses, speaks, and their demeanor, in general, all give other people an immediate impression about them. Now, consider how difficult that circumstance can be for people who are born and raised, or who simply live in low-income towns, cities, or neighborhoods. Due to financial struggles, it can be difficult to put together an outfit for special occasions, and this can be an emotional, infuriating experience. 

A clean and neat professional appearance is crucial to making a good first impression. This requires the outfit to look as if it is brand-new (even if it is not), tucked, and matching with the rest of the outfit/accessories or atmosphere of the desired job.

One organization stresses the importance of dressing professionally and displaying confidence. Trenton 365, which offers services to help job seekers in the community, was founded by Jacque Howard. It’s a community-building program that advocates for private citizens. Howard believes the program is made for “ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” 

Anyone can be successful with a little bit of help contends Howard. “We take a no blame, unbiased, non-partisan approach to promoting civic engagement and to build a better community,” said Howard.

Howard did acknowledge the significance of having guidance to understand how to become successful, but he also stressed the importance of looking successful. “I firmly believe that a person’s appearance is critical for a number of reasons including first impressions and fitting the tasks at hand,” added Howard. “Besides being practical, clothing is also a way of expressing and showcasing the art and craft of fashion.” Understanding the significance and impact of appearance can help bolster a head-start for employment.

Trenton 365 helps navigate community members through the process of dressing strategically to establish the perfect look and to gain some confidence for that nerve-racking job interview, meeting or other special event.

For more information, contact Trenton 365 by calling (609) 433-0489, send an email to, or visit them online at

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