Trenton Animals Rock is a volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Trenton, New Jersey which has been running on all cylinders lately to make sure stray dogs get off the streets, out of the shelter and into safe and loving homes.

The Trenton Animal Shelter is operating on restricted staff, access and hours which means the dogs brought to the shelter do not have volunteers to walk, socialize and assist as often with placing them for foster and adoption. The small but mighty group has been able to get nearly every dog out of the shelter and into a foster home and at the time of this article, just two remain.

The organization “is dedicated to providing love, medical care, rehab and more to injured, abused and abandoned animals in Trenton, NJ.” These animals are scared, lonely, hungry, and forgotten by the people who deserted them, Trenton Animals Rock wants to make sure each one gets a second chance at life by finding loving owners who have the proper means of caring for these emotionally hurt animals.

Even amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, volunteers are still doing whatever they can to spread their message to the right people.New dogs are still coming in and Trenton Animals Rock is asking anyone who is interested in fostering to apply at

Social media has also been a powerful tool to spread information to the public quickly and efficiently. For these animals, time is of the essence, so special fundraisers are being put in place to aid Trenton Animals Rock in their mission to care for them while they find proper families to place the pups with. You can find links to the fundraisers on the groups Facebook page at and you can also donate at

Trenton is a city that has really come together during this crisis, local businesses have altered their operations to offer special discounts, people are encouraging others through social media, and nonprofit organizations are working tirelessly to help get information out to the public.

These past few weeks have allowed local heroes from all walks of life to rise and show just how much they care about helping their community. From restaurants to nonprofits, it seems that the city of Trenton will come out of this pandemic stronger and more unified than ever before.

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