Who doesn’t love animals? Dogs and cats provide companionship, comfort, and offer us protection wrapped up in an adorable package. While many animals get to experience a full life with their loving owners, other furry felines and fidos are not as fortunate.

The Trenton Animal Shelter, located at 72 Escher Street, is home to some amazing animals in need of a home. The shelter is operated by Joseph Antonello and Jose Munoz who are committed to keeping the animals safe and well nourished while also advocating to help them find homes.

Challenged with limited resources, the shelter requires some love and financial assistance. Yet, being a municipal entity, it’s not eligible to receive direct donations.

One organization is itching to address this conundrum. Trenton Animals Rock, founded by Danielle Gletow and several other animal lovers, raises funds to help animals with necessary medical bills and rehabilitation services. Ultimately, the organization hopes to develop a new state of the art shelter.

One day Danielle met Bizzy, a pit bull mix that had been abandoned at Trenton Animal Shelter after being hit by a car and badly injuring his leg. After raising $5,000 to help Bizzy get the vital surgery needed to fix his leg, Danielle and others were successful in placing Bizzy with a loving owner. This experience led to the formation of Trenton Animals Rock, which seeks to replicate this success story for other animals in need.

Every donation received goes directly toward funding medical operations and supplementing the costs typically incurred by the shelter to help expand their impact and better serve more animals.

Trenton Animals Rock is accepting donations and raising funds by selling “Ruff Cuffs,” handmade bracelets that includes an ID number corresponding to a dog’s story on the web.

To learn more about Trenton Animals Rock and to help more animals lead healthy lives and find their forever homes visit https://tarnj.org/ or visit them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TrentonAnimalsRock/.

If you are interested in adopting an animal from the Trenton Animal Shelter, check them out online at https://www.petfinder.com/member/us/nj/trenton/trenton-animal-shelter-nj43/ or visit the Trenton Animal Shelter at 72 Escher Street. Also be sure to like the Trenton Animal Shelter News page on Facebook to hear about some of the great things going on at the Trenton Animal Shelter https://www.facebook.com/TrentonAnimalShelter/.


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