From its quirky billboard slogans, like “World’s Largest Micro-Dairy!” and “Halo Farm Makes, Trenton Takes,” to the glistening golden calf pictured on its delivery trucks, to your favorite herd of fiberglass cows outside the establishment that can second as a playground for your kids, Halo Farm is thriving on all fronts. The world’s largest micro dairy is still going strong after 40 years of service in the Trenton/Lawrenceville area and its retail dairy store located at 970 Spruce Street features Halo Farm products, all known for freshness and quality.

On site at Halo Farm there’s a wide variety of beverages, sweets, and treats. There’s a live display of filling milk cartons, where you can see the production line of milk at any time during the day. By allowing you to watch the homogenization process while you shop, and eliminating the time and distance between you and your dairy product, Halo Farm’s products are fresher and taste better.

“The ice cream flavor options alone are a reason to go to Halo Farm!” says Maulik M. in his review on Yelp! He says that the ice cream is “made fresh, has the perfect texture and fabulous taste.” There’s a special offer where you can get three pints for $7, choosing from among 48 super premium ice cream flavors, including staples like Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Chocolate Chip, as well as more extraneous and exotic flavors, like Caramel Cashew, Butter Pecan, Choco-Peanut Butter and Tahitian Vanilla.

Beyond ice cream, Halo Farms offers a plethora of milks, including Halo Rich 4% Milk, 2%, 1%, Skim, Lactose Reduced Whole, Lactose Reduced 2%, Fat Free, Chocolate, and Egg Nog. On top of that, they provide a multitude of 100% pure, no preservative fruit juices, like orange juice, pink grapefruit, apple juice, and apple cider. Their Halo “Aades” are made with twice as much fruit juice as other brands, and they include lemonade, fruit punch, orange nectar, and grape nectar. Finally, they have Easy Ade, a thirst-quenching sports drink that is low in sodium and sugar, better-tasting than leading sports drinks, half the price, and made with all natural flavors! It sounds like all these drinks check all the boxes!

Karen M. on Yelp! states, “I’ve gone to Halo Farm since I was a little girl. I remember watching the milk machines and entering coloring contests. Now I still like watching the machines and love the prices and quality of the products they sell.” The customer-friendly, earnest environment Halo Farm promotes ensures the safety and quality of all of its products.

Who wouldn’t want to purchase high-quality food products, rich in flavor and nutrients, at a cheaper price than at your neighborhood supermarket? Make your wildest dairy dreams a reality with Halo Farm. Visit a retail store in person or check out its website,, as soon as you can!

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