Attention all creatives! The Trenton Art Endowment Fund, established by the Princeton Area Community Foundation, has recently announced the launch of its 2022 grant applications.

The Trenton Arts Endowment Fund provides financial support to both up-and-coming and established artists to further advance arts and culture initiatives in the city of Trenton. Interested applicants can apply for grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 to support the development of performances, educational programs, and exhibits throughout the city.

Through this program, the Princeton Area Community Foundation hopes to support the already-bustling arts community and further contribute to the vibrant culture of Trenton. As the creator of the Fund, John Hatch, stated, “when the arts thrive, cities thrive.”

In 2021, the Trenton Arts Endowment Fund was able to award a total of $25,000 in grants to eight non-profits. Through their support, community organizations have been able to offer a variety of creative outlets and opportunities to Trenton residents and visitors alike. Just a few of the beneficiaries of this program include:

  • The Trenton Children’s Chorus, which helps to provide musical education, as well as academic and social support, for Trenton’s youth
  • The Trenton Circus Squad, whose workshops improve both the mental and physical well-being of participants via the circus arts.
  • Artworks Trenton, a visual arts center committed to making the arts accessible to Trenton’s diverse community via exhibits, educational programs, and community events

You can read more about last year’s recipients here: Trenton Arts Endowment Fund – 2021 Grants

As Trenton emerges as a cultural and social destination, the arts continue to play a critical role in fostering the city’s development. While Trenton has always been a hub for arts and culture, initiatives such as the Trenton Arts Endowment Fund help to further establish the city as an exciting place to work, live, and learn.

For city residents, in particular, a thriving arts community helps to bring once-in-a-lifetime encounters and experiences right to your front door. Whether you want to take a workshop, watch a play, visit a museum, or see a live performance, Trenton truly has something to offer every art aficionado.

For residents who are interested in getting involved in the arts, Trenton’s creative community also offers educational opportunities for learners of all skill levels. From youth workshops to theater groups, Trenton prides itself on having something for everyone.

As Trenton continues to evolve, the arts community has remained a cornerstone in advancing the city’s development. Investing in the arts is an investment in our future, and programs like the Trenton Arts Endowment Fund allow for the continued support of one of our most valuable sectors.

If you’re interested in applying for this exciting opportunity, the Princeton Area Community Foundation has linked their grant applicant here: PACF – Grants Portal. More information regarding the program’s guidelines can be found here: 2022 – Trenton Arts Endowment Fund. Applications are due by Thursday, October 27, 2022, so please be sure to apply as soon as possible if you are interested.

If you are interested in supporting the Trenton Arts Endowment Fund’s efforts, donations can be made here: Trenton Arts Fund Grant – PACF

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