Technology is a tool that can unlock a world of potential. With the devices that many of us carry daily, we can talk to family across the globe, take beautiful photos, and research any questions we can imagine. Beyond that, however, technology is a profound way in which day-to-day tasks can become more easily accessible to those needing accommodations. Over the years, technology has progressed in such a way regardless of ability or circumstances; we are now better equipped to come to the table more equitably. To expand access right here in Trenton, City Hall recently announced some exciting new developments to help make the courts more accessible in the Capital City.

If you had jury duty or another court obligation during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, you might have had to sign onto a virtual court. Although it took a bit of getting used to, the virtual option allowed those who may not otherwise be able to participate in a court lawfully. However, these virtual options were not easily accessible in many cities and municipalities, leaving several cases unaddressed. To help address these disparities, the City of Trenton and the Trenton Free Public Library have teamed up to offer Trentonians the necessary access.

Starting now, the Trenton Municipal Court has implemented free internet access and equipment at the Trenton Public Library for defendants, victims, and involved parties to utilize and attend their virtual court sessions. Registration is required and can be made at the municipal court or through communication with the municipal court customer service email account, which you can reach at Access will be available from Monday to Friday for the 9 AM court sessions. If you have any questions or need assistance, support from municipal court staff will also be available on-site.

Accessibility is the first step to equity, and the City of Trenton is making daily strides to ensure improved quality of life for all of the community’s residents. With virtual access to the courts now available, we are one step closer to making our systems of power and governance more accessible to all. The march of progress is alive and well in the Capital City, and this latest endeavor brings us one step closer to a genuinely equal system for all.


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