For over forty-five years in business, Trenton Corrugated Products has maintained the status of being one of the most respected, largest, and well known corrugated plants within the state of New Jersey. Originally owned and operated by Tony Pecoraro, the production plant is now under new management, that of Ian Bernstein. On June 27, 2019, the company celebrated its transfer of management through a ribbon cutting ceremony.

New to the corrugated industry, President Ian Bernstein is, “happy to be apart of the legacy of Trenton Corrugated Products.” As a banker for thirty years, Bernstein had always aspired to possess his own company. With much help from Tony Pecoraro, the Economic Development Authority, M & T Bank, the employees of TCP, as well as the city of Trenton, Bernstein has been able to turn his dream into a reality.

The ceremony was one of joy and gratification. Of the many attendees, Mayor Reed Gusciora delivered a short speech sharing his gratitude and words of encouragement for the new owner. “I always like to come to ribbon cutting ceremonies because it means Trenton is back in business,” said the Mayor. Closing his speech, Gusciora reassured Bernstein and staff that the city will always be available as help to the company.

Moments before cutting the bright blue ribbon, President of Trenton Corrugated products, Bernstein, also shared his appreciation and thoughts for assuming the new position. A thrilling split-second, after the ribbon was cut, the ceremony proceeded with ongoing tours of the plant and the enjoyment of light refreshments.

“This represents an exciting next step in the history of Trenton Corrugated Products,” said Greater Trenton CEO George Sowa. “The company brings a wealth of opportunities for Trentonians today and well into the future.”

Surrounded by employees of Trenton Corrugated Products, Ian Bernstein prepares to cut the ribbon while Mayor Reed Gusciora (left) and George Sowa, CEO of Greater Trenton (right) hold the long narrow strip.

Having such an honorable reputation, the new owner still aspires to carry on the legacy created by Pecoraro. Bernstein recognizes that “the corrugated industry is a backbone of America.”

“Plastic is out, corrugated is in,” said Bernstein. Adhering to the company’s legacy, both Mayor Gusciora and Bernstein hold high hopes for the future of the company. “We’ve built quite the empire here where Trenton is happy that we have forty employees here and we hope to have forty more in the next year,” explained Gusciora.

Mayor Reed Gusciora alongside Ian Bernstein during the warehouse tour.

To finish off his address, Bernstein left the crowd with a touching and motivational quote: “Believe in yourself, go after your dreams, and don’t let anyone put you in a box.”

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