On Friday, November 8th at 7:30 a.m., the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber will hold its Trenton Economic Development Series in partnership with Greater Trenton & Trenton Downtown Association. “The Residential Revolution,” happening at Trenton Country Club, will feature a keynote address from Peter Kasabach of New Jersey Future, the advocate for the adoption and implementation of the State Development and Redevelopment Plan, New Jersey’s smart growth blueprint for revitalizing communities and protecting natural resources.

You will also hear from a panel of individuals with “boots on the ground” in Trenton, regarding the residential landscape, recent projects, and the plans for the future including Albin Garcia; Owner & Broker, Garcia Realty; John Hatch, FAIA; Principal, Clarke Caton Hintz; George Sowa, CEO, Greater Trenton; Roland Pott, President, Trenton Makes, Inc. ; and moderated by John Thurber, Vice President of Public Affairs, Thomas Edison State University.

Mayor Reed Gusciora will provide opening remarks and Greater Trenton Vice President Bryan Evans will present a short three-minute video which offers a highly-visual and -inspirational perspective on Trenton, New Jersey. Featuring visuals of the city’s key assets including mass transportation, arts & culture, neighborhoods, pivotal moments in history and more, the video encapsulates the essence of Trenton’s attractiveness and potential  as a premier live, work and play destination.

For detailed information, and to register, visit: https://princetonmercerchamber.org/trenton-economic-development-program/

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