HomeWorks Trenton is looking to hire tutors for their evening programs to help students study at night. 

The community-based program houses high school Trenton students from Sunday evening through Friday morning. Their website notes, “HomeWorks inspires and equips young women from marginalized communities to achieve their potential and positively transform the world around them by providing a supportive and educational residential environment.” 

Program assistant Ariana Love explained that the program’s goal is to help the scholars at HomeWorks achieve. “We have high school girls from Trenton high and the Ninth-grade academy. We bus them to and from school every single day. Then they come to our dormitory, where we do programming based on woman empowerment, academic studies, of course, and social-emotional skills,” said Love. 

The program looks for college students and recent college graduates to help tutor students in various curriculums throughout the week. The program is looking for tutors on Monday and Wednesday for Math, and Tuesdays and Thursdays for English and Language Arts. “The tutor is assisting them with their day to day schoolwork and the second half is curriculum-based, which our staff has come up with along with some community partners who work in the education field,” Love said

To ensure safety, the tutors must be vaccinated, abide by all COVID-19 regulations, and do two COVID-19 tests a week. “We do have a service that comes in and extensively cleans our facilities every single week. We are doing our best to make sure we’re still practicing social distancing. We still are wearing masks, even though we are residential. We’re just doing everything to keep our scholars safe.” 

Love emphasized that the tutors above all need to be consistent to build a community around the students. “You want the scholars to build those connections,” Love said. “Because it is about the connectedness, and we want them to be community leaders. I feel as though being with people who know their background or, in some way, share the background, respect their background, and overall are able to build those connections and stay consistent. I think that’s the best quality.” 

Those who are interested can email Love directly at alove@homeworkstrenton.org

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