Trenton Public Schools is hosting a three-part Saturday parent training event that will engage parents as partners in their child’s education. The event will take place at Trenton Central High School on March 19th, April 2nd, and May 14th. Doors will open at 8:30 a.m. for breakfast and registration.

Thanks to the Teaching and Learning Department, the Parent Connect Summit will cover a variety curricular and social emotional learning topic. All trainings will be interactive, fun and engaging, and be hosted in English & Spanish.

This event is a key strategy in the districts five-year strategic plan focus area for community and parent engagement. Under this focus the districts’ goal is to increase community partnerships, parent engagement and access to resources / services / systems to further support student achievement and improve schools’ culture and climate, and the establishment of parent training series that will cover Healthy Living, Self-Care, K-5 curriculum of World Language, English Language Learners, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Mathematics.

Parents will be a hands-on, interactive, informative event that parents are encouraged to attend to learn more about Elementary School curriculum programs and the everyday life of their student. Childcare and food will be offered at the summit so parents can engage in the full experience without any distractions.

“The Parent Connect Summit is a great opportunity to build partnerships with Trenton Public Schools families. Parents will be exposed to activities to support many aspects of daily living and also experience strategies frequently used by students during the school day. We look forward to an exciting day with parents as partners!” Superintendent, Mr. James Earle.

During each Parent Connect Summit there will a keynote speaker to generate motivation and excitement for the event. Mrs. Addie Daniels Lane will be the event’s keynote speaker for the March 19th event. Board President Addie Daniels-Lane is a recently retired educator, who served the Trenton district in numerous capacities for 37 years. Ms. Daniels-Lane is a proud graduate of the district that she served. Among the many capacities served in the Trenton District were Teacher, Vice Principal, Principal of Patton J. Hill Elementary School, Principal of Grace A. Dunn Middle School, and finally Principal of Trenton Central High School West.

Jacquelyn León will be the keynote speaker for the April 2nd event. She is an educational thought leader, action advocate, wanderlust, and author. She is the founder of Locally Made, Globally Grown, an education-based consulting company. With nearly 25 years of experience and expertise as an accomplished leader in the field of public health, education, school preparedness, and community engagement.

Eleanor Horne will be the keynote speaker for the May 14th event. She has had the experience of working in successful partnerships with teachers and school officials and she also has worked in opposition to school officials as an advocate for students. She believes that parents must have “split personalities” in working with schools. One personality is supportive of teachers and schools. Another is an advocate for their own children. The third personality is a thoughtful “crusader” for a quality, equitable educational experiences for all children. It is these experiences that bring her to Trenton’s Parent Connect Summit.

Parents will also have an opportunity to engage to receive community program information from various non-profit organizations! Educational engagement kits, and other free giveaways will be raffled. “Thank you, community organizations, that will be providing additional resources and support during the Parent Connect Summit. Community partnerships make a huge impact in helping the lives of our families.” Mrs.
Denise Kreiss, Parent Coordinator/Homeless Liaison.

Parents have the option to register their children to this event by clicking onto this link:

This event is sponsored by All Kids Thrive, Princeton Area Community Foundation, Horizon NJ Health and Wellcare.

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