Trenton Watch Factory has the right apartment for everyone. A true representation of Trenton’s historic manufacturing past; Trenton Watch Factory was once a top of the line timepiece manufacturing location.

Main lobby of the Trenton Watch Factory.

With history dating back to the mid 1800’s, the Trenton watch factory played a large role within the Trenton city community in its major developmental periods. During its peak production years, it was able to produce nearly 180 hand crafted watches a day. These products were of the highest quality and backed by the Trenton Watch Factory name. Each component of every watch was produced in house, ensuring that every timepiece that exited through their doors was ensured to give the consumer the highest quality of experiences and to go above and beyond their promise to the consumer.

The watch factory continued on over the years receiving a handful of renovations and remodeling’s, however the historic look of the building lasted over the years. After the Manufacturing boom moved on, the building was left behind.

In 2016 the watch factory was given a complete renovation. The entire location was turned into luxury apartments with every amenity imaginable. Equipped with a state-of-the-art fitness center, high speed internet, and an open pet policy; this may be the new home many have been looking for. Located within just a few short blocks from the Trenton Transit Center, this is an ideal location for both those commuting to work within the limits of the city or leaving to the surrounding area. Close proximity to many retail stores, supermarkets and shops allows any who choose to live there to get all they need within a few short minutes. In addition, the Watch factory has been recently awarded a place on the National Register of Historic places.

Essentially securing existence for many years to come and allowing it to stand out from the rest of its competition in the area. Many of the locations on this list are big names that anyone from the area can identify. Upon your arrival to the watch factory you will feel a sense of community by the constant foot traffic and activates happening within and around the property. Details for available apartments can be found on their website. Reach out today to get in contact with someone on their professional staff for a tour and an insight into everything that the Trenton watch factory has to offer.


The Trenton Watch Factory is located at 720 Monmouth St. To learn more visit

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