While people have been self-quarantined in their homes and practicing social distancing, it’s comforting to know that families can still find a place to purchase a great meal as a number of eateries double down on their commitment to serve the community. Over the weeks and months to come, we’ll bring you the latest and greatest from Trenton’s diverse dining options.

1911 Smokehouse BBQ located on 11 W Front Street in Trenton is doing its part to help hungry families in Trenton by not only staying open throughout the pandemic, but also discounting their food to accommodate customers during this difficult time. The restaurant will be open to the public from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for takeout and delivery. You can visit https://1911bbq.com, look them up on GrubHub, or call the restaurant at (609) 695-1911.

Manager Reggie Hallett has rearranged the price options on 1911 Smokehouse’s menu to aid families in the area. For example, Hallett stated that the restaurant used to charge $13.50 for their whole chicken. Now customers can buy a whole chicken and four sides for only $14.99.

Hallett stated that 1911 Smokehouse is doing its best to alter some menu items so that they are more like family style meals that can be picked up, delivered and ready to enjoy. People need to eat, so why not make it more affordable and convenient for them to do so during this time of uncertainty.

1911 Smokehouse and other restaurants in the local area have also come together with the City of Trenton’s Eat Local Club to help provide food for those who need it. The Big Easy of Trenton Restaurant on South Warren Street is even providing low priced meals for people in need.

Check TrentonDaily tomorrow as we highlight another great eatery in Trenton.

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