On June 10th, 2020 Kimberly-Clark’s Cottonelle donated over 10,000 rolls of toilet paper to United Way of Greater Mercer County (UWGMC).

UWGMC also partnered with Mercer Street Friends to borrow a lift truck which was used to assist with pickup and delivery of goods to families in need. Utilizing their partnerships with Mercer Street Friends and Jewish Family and Children Services, UWGMC was able to quickly get these much-needed supplies to members of the community.

“I am thrilled we have such a strong partnership,” said Mercer Street Friends CEO Bernie Flynn. “I’m Proud of the work UWGMC is doing and I’m proud of our folks at Mercer Street Friends.”

UWGMC connects people with resources which propel families and individuals to reach their fullest potential to create a thriving community. These partnerships aim to ensure that individuals and families in Trenton, Ewing, Princeton, Hamilton, Cranbury, Lawrenceville, East Windsor and Hightstown have access to basic needs that help them live their daily lives to the fullest.

“We weren’t expecting so much! Our mobile truck is going out to East Windsor with a food distribution; the toilet paper will be a bonus. Thank you so much for organizing this,” said Beth Englezos, Jewish Family and Children Services Manager of Senior Programs & Hunger Prevention.

For more information on how you can help this cause please visit www.uwgmc.org.

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