A new brand, woven from a deep passion and desire to infuse beauty in everyone, was birthed by Trenton resident Andrew Reilly, owner, and CEO of the minority-owned fashion brand, Unseen Beauty.

Trenton resident Andrew Reilly, Owner, and CEO of Unseen Beauty

Adopted from Brazil at eight weeks old, Reilly expressed an early passion for fashion dating back to his preschool days.

“All of the skills I learned and positions I held helped me become the CEO and business owner I am today. From communications – working with people, to marketing – promoting products to the general public, to sales – selling to the public, they all played a part in making me the business leader I am today,” Reilly notes.

Reilly, who lives in Trenton’s Cadwalader Heights section, describes Unseen Beauty as a fashion brand for working at home, working out, or not working at all. It offers athleisure apparel ideal for those more casual times while you’re at the gym, the dance studio, and just plain relaxing.

With seasonless apparel and accessories for any occasion, offerings include quality leggings, carrying bags, and bath bombs. Items can be purchased online at www.unseenbeauty4u.com.

Unseen Beauty will soon be launching products on Amazon and other online venues. Reilly has been testing the waters at Quaker Bridge Mall and may soon have a regular presence there. Ultimately though, he hopes to grow the business and eventually bring his manufacturing operations to Trenton, NJ.

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