Originally founded as an orphanage in 1859, UIH Family Partners was established to improve the quality of life for many struggling families and their children. The larger point of focus for UIH today is the rebuilding and strengthening of father figures so that they may play a prominent role within their households for the first time or once again.

In pursuit of enhancing the lives of families, UIH prioritizes helping fathers to maintain self-sufficiency. UIH, located at 4 North Broad Street in Trenton, recognizes the scarce attention and help given to fathers in today’s society and are changing the narrative by formulating initiatives specifically targeted towards men. Many of the men that UIH helps face many barriers. Whether it may be the lack of a drivers license, a high school diploma, or the reputation that follows from a previous incarceration, these men are prevented from moving forward within their lives.

The effects of an absent father figure within a family can be detrimental. As UIH acknowledges this issue, they have made it their goal to turn the men that they help into role models. To do so, UIH Family Partners extend numerous services to the men in need. The programs offered to men that are geared toward the UIH vision include Daddy & Me Literacy, health courses, and Dress 2 Impress, a service that provides men with suits that can be used for job interviews and even for marriage. In addition to this, UIH also equips these men for their professional careers, assisting them in filling out their resumes, finding a job, completing applications, and preparing and scheduling them for interviews.

Recently, the organization celebrated its 2019 Platinum Dads award ceremony. These annual gatherings are held to recognize the fathers who have committed to creating change and transforming their circumstances for the better and for the refinement of their families. 10 of the most exceptional fathers are chosen as the Platinum Dads of the year, three of whom are also honored with an Ambassador Award. Additionally, one of the ten fathers is awarded the Legacy of Fatherhood Award for his impact among the surrounding community. It is during these ceremonies that the men who were once held back by barriers are able to rejoice, for once, in the positivity and triumphs they have attained themselves.

Dedicated to helping fathers achieve great outcomes, UIH Family Partners are able to do their work with the help and support of the community. Through the donations they receive, UIH has been able to serve more than 1,500 fathers a year for 160 years. Currently, UIH is holding a fundraiser, the 2019 “Foundation of Hope” Campaign, to increase their number of services and programs to help dads and families in need. For more information on the UIH Family Partners visit www.uihfamilypartners.org.

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