Trenton’s visual artists Raven George and Erin McMillon exhibit 2 new exhibitions, To Find Love & Death – Raven George and Issa Vibe: A Self Taught Discovery of Color – Erin McMillon, at Artworks from October 24 to November 18. The opening reception will take place on November 3rd, from 6 to 8pm for both solo exhibitions. 

Raven George is a multimedia conceptual artist renowned for her captivating explorations of light, movement and emotional intimacy. With a profound mastery of oil pastel and ink as her chosen mediums, George creates transcendent artworks that immerse viewers in a realm where the ethereal dance of light converges with the depths of human emotions. 

Visual artist and writer Erin McMillon, MSM, CIA, is set to captivate art lovers with a stunning collection of vibrant, acrylic physical manifestations of thought on canvas. This exhibition marks a milestone in Erin’s career, showcasing a compelling blend of creativity, expression, and a profound connection to human experiences. 

“Drawing has always been a safe space for me to travel through the depths of my mind. Now as a full time artist I enjoy drawing inspiration from the landscapes of my childhood and intricacies of human experiences to further define my voice,” says George. To Find Love & Death is a transformative journey of self-discovery through spiritual and emotional connection. George illustrates how death isn’t limited to the physical realm, but also mentally and emotionally. Each piece contains a story of how death is essential for growth and evolution to reach the highest parts of who we are as spiritual beings. George removes fixed subjectivity highlighting the freedom of being expressively connected with our bodies. Exploring how that may translate through renewal, grief, and healing. The exhibition serves as a reminder to come back to love; to return home to ourselves. 

While artistic expression had always been a part of Erin McMillon’s life as a writer, this was the beginning of an evolution that took her from painting pictures with words on paper, books, and magazines to painting them with acrylic paint on canvas. She mentions, “I’d like this work to serve as an exploration of the feelings we tuck away and a reminder to other creatives who are not formally trained that it’s ok to create, even if you’re doing it “wrong.” Because who wants to color inside the lines anyway?”Issa Vibe: Self Taught Discovery of Color explores themes of identity, vulnerability, and the emotional interconnectedness of all living beings. Through broad brush strokes and a meshing of hues, Erin invites viewers to embark on a trip inside the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of living life through pain, joy, grief, and passion.


Artworks, Trenton’s downtown visual arts center, is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Corporation, that promotes artistic diversity by fostering creativity, learning, and appreciation of the arts. Our exhibitions, workshops and events make art an accessible experience for all, building community among and between art students of all ages, professional and amateur artists, inner city and suburban residents, die-hard art fans and first time art appreciators.

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