If you are worried about packing on a few pounds with all the pork roll you will be consuming at the Trenton Pork Roll Festival next weekend you can relax knowing you can work off those pounds while learning about Trenton’s Pork Roll past and present. The Trenton Pork Roll Festival will be hosting The Pork Roll-Out Bike Tour and describes the bike tour in the following manner.

This is a great opportunity to take in some good eats and also get in an informative ride around Trenton to various landmarks. Our monthly Social Ride tour guide, Wills Wheels Kinsley, will take you on an urban adventure on two wheels, ending at the Trenton Pork Roll Festival 2019 at Trenton Social. Work up an appetite pedaling around the city and finish up with a nice cold beer.

Sites we will be visiting along the way:

  • We will ride by the Case’s and Taylor factories. If the wind is just right, you can smell the hickory smoke used to get pork roll’s distinct flavor.
  • Next up is the historic Riverview Cemetery a pay a visit to John Taylor, a man who built an empire from the humble pork log, and the Switlick mausoleum. The Switlicks were makers of life saving parachutes AND … pork roll casings. Switlick is a family-owned and operated company since 1920, and is still in operation on E State St.
  • We will stop downtown at the site of the Taylor Opera House.
  • Next is a cruise past the home of the Trenton Pork Roll Baseball team.
  • Finally, we’ll return to Trenton Social, home of the Trenton Pork Roll Festival for six years running!

Tour riders meet at 10:30 am at Trenton Social. Check in at the gate to get entry wristband, purchase ticket if necessary, and receive your drink token.

The $18 Pork Rollout Bike Tour + General Admission ticket includes:

  • A guided bike tour (BRING YOUR OWN BIKE)
  • General Admission to the Trenton Pork Roll Festival at Trenton Social
  • Token for a complimentary draft beer in our beer garden (must be 21+)

Parking is located in the lot at the corner of Hamilton Ave. and S. Broad St. There will be a secure place to lock your bike after the ride.

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