Downtown Trenton is known as the central hub for workers, shoppers, and historians. Most locals in the area are either working in an office, strolling down East State Street in search of some new goods, or taking a trip down memory lane (better known as West State Street), to uncover the history that makes Trenton, Trenton. Whatever the occasion may be, what some in the area tend to forget is that in the midst of the heart of such a busy city, peace and mindfulness are just steps away.

Located at 125 W State Street, since its construction in 2008, the World War II Memorial has served as an aesthetically pleasing reminder of the war that shaped America. At first glance, the sight booms with history, as represented by the parallel walls covered in historic facts and pictures, the statue of Lady Victory, and the stair case wrapped in special World War II dedications and honorable mentions. Browsing these compelling structures however, is simply half the fun.

Most workers in Downtown Trenton dine for lunch within their cubicles or at one of the nearby fabulous eateries. Others take advantage of the exquisite scenery and peace and quiet the World War II Memorial has to offer and choose this location as their lunch break destination. A truly serene setting, the World War II Memorial can be utilized much more than just for eating lunch.

A rather quiet area, the memorial is an inviting space in terms of its circular layout and lovely waterfall walls. After having read the engraved writings along the walls, it is absolutely fulfilling to take a seat and reflect while basking in the soothing white noise of the waterfalls.

Whether accompanied by friends, family, or a snack, visiting the World War II Memorial is an insightful experience. Visit the space and test the waters, for beyond the history, you’re assured to find the slightest peace of mind.

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