Bernard McMullen has been involved in the Trenton Council of Civic Association and the Island Civic Association for a quarter century. The Island resident has palpable enthusiasm for the city of Trenton and for the residents of the city. During a recent discussion with the staff of TrentonDaily, he explained that the association was borne out of a desire to advocate for the needs of individual neighborhoods and as a way to show concern for neighbors.

Created in the early 1970’s,┬áThe Trenton Council of Civic Association is comprised of the following neighborhood associations: Cadwalader Place, Fisher Place, Franklin Park, Glen Afton, Hiltonia and the Island Civic Associations. In McMullen’s capacity as President of the Island Civic Association, he disseminates information to residents about city services. Neighbors also look out for one another to ensure that they are safe and sound. On the occasions where inclement weather impacts the Island, the Association will reach out to residents to ensure they are well prepared ahead of the storm. The Island is a portion of the city that is most prone to flooding during severe storms and during snowstorms.

The Association hosts an annual Taste Trenton event each year. This annual event garners citywide attention and it attracts visitors and newcomers to the city for a tour of Trenton’s restaurants. This event also introduces new and unfamiliar restaurants to folks who frequented Trenton’s Italian restaurants, but have yet to experience the reinvention that is occurring with the many new Latin and Central American restaurants in Chambersburg.

McMullen is hoping to attract hundreds of people to this event which will take place at the beginning of October. Trenton’s diverse restaurants will definitely provide visitors with a range of options to choose from.

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