Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Arlee’s Raw Blends has had to adjust its model of service. Initially, customers were allowed to walk into the store and try free samples of food and juices. Now, employing social distancing measures, customers are asked to pre-order online at the website or to download the mobile app titled “Arlee’s Raw Blends” so that food and items are easily purchased via curbside pickup to ensure proper precautions.

Before the pandemic, a system had been set in place allowing customers to return their glass bottles to the store so that they would receive a credit on their next purchase. The returning system not only supplies customers with a credit, it also creates a way to reduce plastic pollution as the glass bottles are BPA free, perfect for the environment and individual well-being.

“One of our goals is to keep 100% organic materials in our foods and blends. To maintain health we should be focused on eliminating processed food, free of pesticides, chemicals, and GMOs,” says Paula Taylor, owner of Arlee’s Raw Blends. “It’s a substitute present in many foods which are causing people to fall ill.”

As costs continue going up and produce and supplies become limited, Arlee’s Raw Blends will continue its main focus to ensure quality and healthy eating in urban settings such as Trenton and surrounding areas. Arlee’s Raw Blends is committed to fostering more access and choices for individuals to eat more nutritional value foods with the use of organic fruits and vegetables.

Started at Trenton’s Farmers Market back in 2013, Arlee’s Raw Blends is committed to providing nutritional vegan foods and 100% organic blends and juices to encourage healthy eating and wellness to those in the Greater Trenton area.

Located at 25 S Warren St, Trenton, NJ with another addition set in Princeton, Arlee’s Raw Blends is owned by sister and brother duo Paula Taylor and Brian Moore who established the local business in honor of their parents who passed away from various illnesses. Since then the duo has held a commitment to finding adequate ways to maintain the health and wellness of themselves and others, leading them to open a store in Princeton, to one in downtown Trenton as of 2019.

“Arlee’s Raw Blends will remain committed to Trenton, and during this pandemic, we will continue to bring healthy food options to the Greater Trenton Community.”

Arlee’s Raw Blends emphasizes the production of locally grown 100% organic produce that not only provides enzymes and nutrients but supplies food and blends that taste good. With aims to encourage health and wellness, Arlee’s Raw Blends specializes in fruit and vegetable juice cleanses, cold-pressed juices, raw foods that are plant-based such as salsa, wraps, salads, and desserts. No heat is used in the process of creating the foods as heat cooks out the essential enzymes and micronutrients intended for customers to receive. 

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