Author and Editor Trisha Williams specializes in transferring raw manuscripts into works of art. Having edited over 80 books for those who self-publish as the owner of IreeSky Fiction and Editing, LLC, Trisha has self-published 17 books of her own addressing common urban pitfalls to avoid, such as gang recruitment, drugs, domestic violence, and human trafficking. With stories that are relatable and entertaining, Trisha also addresses taboo subjects in the urban community, which are usually kept private, such as self-esteem, runaways, rejection, seeking approval, generational curses, jumping relationships, and bullying. The foundation of her work is fueled by a remarkable personal story of survival after domestic violence. Three years ago, she underwent brain surgery due to nerve damage suffered from abuse.

Trisha writes about what she has seen all her life. With subjects relatable to the urban community, she credits her ability to write imaginatively after surviving many obstacles and being exposed to so much here in Trenton. One of her titles, Hidden Treasures is non-fiction and has four volumes that depict survivor stories of other victims of domestic violence; all the proceeds of which serve the shelters for resources.

A profound advocate, Trisha continues to share stories of overcoming domestic violence to bring awareness. “Because I survived, my intent is to spread awareness and prevention…to change the current laws concerning domestic violence and human trafficking,” said Trisha Williams, who is also the vice president of Purple High Tops N Stilettos, a progressive non-profit agency lobbying against domestic violence.

Trisha worked for the State of New Jersey, Department of Labor for 12 years until nerve damage caused her to retire. She has established a platform with high ambitions to shine a positive light on issues that surround urban areas like the city of Trenton. Observing the constant worry and hardships set around her, inspiration, and determination of change led her on this journey of not only writing but editing for others.

Publishing her first book in 2015, her passion for writing propelled her to begin editing for others, and that’s how IreeSky Editing came about. “I’m affordable and I work quickly,” Trisha admits is the reason she’s in demand.

Her top sellers include Side Effect, about adultery, Black is Enough, about race, and You’re Not The Boss Of Me, about adult bullying. Trisha says, “Heart Condition is about stalking, my best seller.”

A popular vendor at Capital City Farmer’s Market at Mill Hill Park on Thursdays before the COVID-19 pandemic, her promotion for editing is far-reaching, as she has now edited internationally covering most states across the country since the pandemic began. This further ensuring that Trenton’s greatness and creativity stays home.

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