Even now, our reaction to the jumpy, catchy, jingle of an ice cream truck is Pavlovian, making us salivate with anticipation of a double scoop chocolate ice cream cone covered in “jimmies”! (“sprinkles”, to Central Jersey natives!) But what to do when summer is a faded memory until the next year? Follow the cupcake truck!

Remember your surprise every weekday afternoon when you opened your Scoopy Doo lunchbox at lunchtime? Did Daddy pack SuziQs? Yankee Doodles? Twinkies? or maybe a Devil Dog today? (Pity the poor Millennial, Generation X, Y and Zer. You don’t know what you missed!)

These days, I like to treat myself to a grownup version of this delightfully sweet experience by standing in line in front of the House of Cupcakes truck, scanning the menu for my favorite flavors, or considering trying a new one. Should I get Red Velvet? Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake? Mango? Coconut Snowball? As my semiannual checkup approaches, I decide to show restraint (and lower my guilt ratio) by opting for the more modest carrot cake cupcake. And if my doctor questions my lack of judgement in indulging at all, I just use my timeworn rationalization “After all, a cupcake is much smaller than the two Entennman cakes I have in the freezer!” Why not try Vanilla Riot. Dulce De Leche, or Margarita?

You’ll spot the House of Cupcakes truck at Trenton and Mercer County festivals and fairs throughout the year. The truck beckoned to me recently at Artworks’ Art All Night event, next to the My Four Suns Korean Fusion food truck, a few feet from the outdoor soundstage where the rock band Experiment 34 blasted cover tunes.

Check out House of Cupcakes on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheHouseCupcakes or on Twitter (@house_cupcakes), or go to their store in Princeton at 32 Witherspoon Street.

Like a groupie for your favorite band, you too will follow the cupcake truck and bring your friends. Yum! Life is sweet!

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