No matter your age, young or old, there are few pleasures greater than diving into a good book. Stories can teach us new things, transport us to a brand new world, and serve as a much-needed escape from the chaos of day to day life. However, for children and young adults who come from low-income families, the luxury of literature is not as readily accessible. No child should grow up without a childhood full of story time memories, and Mercer Street Friends is here to help make this vision a reality.

On Tuesday, May 23rd, families are invited for a book giveaway and informational session. The event will be held from 3pm to 6pm at Mercer Street Friend’s Center for Parenting and Family Empowerment, located at 222 N. Hermitage Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08618. As a part of the Adventures in Reading initiative, attendees of this event will have access to a wide variety of resources. including free books, program information, and free bags of food from the Mercer Street Friends pantry. Books will be available for children ages 0-18, assuring there’s an appropriate selection for every stage of childhood. In addition to these resources, refreshments will also be provided to attending families.

The importance of access to literature in early learning cannot be overstated. According to Penn State University, promoting early literacy and a love of learning can be a catalyst for lifelong development. By engaging your child in reading and literature, children have the opportunity to learn more about language, develop phonologically, and begin to connect with the written world. Children who have access to and develop a love for literature early on can experience tremendous benefits, including a higher likelihood to complete school, continue on to higher education, and can even impact future job prospects. Assuring that books are enticing, accessible, and encouraged is a sure-fire way to get your child engaged and foster a habit that will serve them for decades to come.

This event is hosted by Mercer Street Friends (MSF), an organization devoted to uplifting and supporting families all throughout the region. Through their efforts, Mercer Street Friends connects families to a number of critical resources including access to food, parenting services, and educational resources. Through their efforts to nourish both bodies and minds, MSF plays an invaluable role in connecting families in need with the services needed not just to survive, but thrive. From a fresh meal to free children’s literature, you can rest-assured knowing that a helping hand is right here in your community. If you’d like to read more about available services, please feel free to visit the Mercer Street Friends website here: Home – MSF.

A love of reading has the capacity to change lives, and it’s never too late (or too early!) to foster a love of literature in our community’s youngest residents. If you have any questions prior to attending, please feel free to contact Maria Hernandez at (609) 278-6912 for additional information. We know you might be booked up, but be sure to make room on your calendar for this important event!

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