Check out open mic w/ Jerry Monk at Tir na nOg (1324 Hamilton Ave in Trenton) on February 12, 2020 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. In fact, check him out every 2nd Wednesday. An incredibly talented singer, arranger, songwriter and instrumentalist, Jerry Monk has been the “go-to guy” for many reasons during the creation of Blues In Disguise. He’s contributed just the right sound and “feel”, and just the perfect harmony vocals exactly where it sounded best.

Jerry Monk

“I started singing and playing guitar, ukelele, sax and bassoon in the 60’s, bass in 1970,” says Monk. “I wrote hundreds of songs, played lots of clubs and studios, did some musical comedies locally, and met some amazing and unbelieveable characters.”

“I love the feel of the perfect lock of bass and drums because you can (almost) put anything on top and it still sounds good,” adds Monk.

Trenton’s Tir na nOg located at 1324 Hamilton Ave is heralded as one of the top 20 places to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. The pub has also been consistently voted one of the top 50 Irish pubs in the United States by several publications, and was voted the #1 Irish pub by for the last two years.

The pub, which opened in 1991, get its name from a place in Irish folklore that translates to the land of everlasting youth.” You feel like you’re right in Ireland with the pub’s 20-plus real Irish street signs, each with their own unique backstory. Irish flags, and pieces of memorabilia celebrating all aspects of Ireland’s history, cover the walls and create that feeling of being on the North Atlantic island.

The pub maintained its strong roots even as the original owner Billy Briggs passed away, the new owners Todd and Maurine Faulkner took over, and many of the first generation Americans who made the pub their home moved out of Trenton. The pub still maintains a strong following of original and second generation Americans who frequent as well as newcomers who are always welcome. The establishment is proud to boast a consistent and friendly crowd who often buy rounds. However, it’s definitely not a “theme park” Irish pub. It’s the real deal.

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