Imagine this: You walk into a place and the atmosphere is light and airy. The subtle scent of coffee beans fills the air and everyone that approaches you is friendly and welcoming. You’re comfortable and feel like you belong; because you do. As in most cities, it’s a place where people meet, discuss ideas, and conduct business. After taking a few sips of that Caramel Macchiato, you immediately get that feeling of energy and optimism. Perhaps it’s partly due to the caffeine and sugar rush, or maybe it’s that the presence of a Starbucks typically indicates a city on the rise.

In December of 2017, Trenton’s first Starbuck’s café was opened to the public at 102 Warren Street. Walking in, everything about this café screams Trenton, from the diverse but local staff to the Trenton themed décor and art. To make things better, this Starbucks also serves as an “opportunity café” which essentially means the young people in our communities are recruited and offered job training and employment. This program not only boosts the morale of our youth, but also increases the amount of minority business in the city.

While speaking with a few customers, a trend in responses arose. To many, the Starbucks is a “favorite place to stop in after work” and “a very relaxing environment.” The staff were often highly praised, noted as being friendly, helpful, and working in harmony. The interior décor of the café struck a lot of people’s attention given the familiarity of the atmosphere. Painted on the walls, all around the store, are murals with bright, colorful, graffiti-like designs very unique to Trenton, showcasing monuments like the State House and the famous “Trenton Makes” bridge.

This new Starbucks brings a sense of modernity to Downtown Trenton and reminds us that our city is always developing. Open from 6 AM until 7 PM every day, the building is hardly ever empty. This space was made for everyone in Trenton, even the non-coffee lovers.

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