The Mercer County Division of Mental Health is conducting a Mental Health Needs and Barriers Survey. The purpose of the survey is to better understand the mental health needs, experiences and barriers to accessing mental health services in Mercer County, NJ.

The results of the survey will help develop new resources and programs and inform the Mercer County Mental Health Plan. The Mercer County Division of Mental Health has worked in partnership NAMI Mercer and The College of New Jersey to develop this survey.

The Mercer County Mental Health Plan is intended to serve as a basis for future funding and program development and to reflect consumer and provider service priorities.

This survey is considered confidential; no names or other contact information will be recorded or linked to this survey. The link will be available through August 3, 2021. Results of the overall findings will be shared as part of a report in late 2021.

Link for the Web-Based Survey | Link for the Downloadable Survey 

Please be sure to contact us to arrange receipt of paper surveys by emailing Michele Madiou at

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