“Part of Greater Trenton’s purpose is to help create a positive and forward-thinking narrative for New Jersey’s Capital City,” said Greater Trenton’s Chief Executive Officer George Sowa. “Thanks to the creation of TrentonDaily.com, this is happening. As we invest in the development of writing and communications skills for Trenton’s youth, this will become even more of a grass-roots initiative.”

Greater Trenton’s First Annual Journalism and Communications Internship and Scholarship Program was met with tremendous success as two bright Trenton Central High School graduates begin their transition from summer work in TrentonDaily’s newsroom to a fall semester at respective institutions of higher learning.

Belveth Simon and Emily De Jesus, who were selected as esteemed recipients of Greater Trenton’s Scholarship and Internship Award in May, began their journey with Greater Trenton on June 24th and have far exceeded expectations for the program.

In addition to a paid summer internship working as news writers for Greater Trenton’s TrentonDaily online publication, Emily and Belveth were also issued scholarship monies toward college.

“Emily and Belveth have set the bar high for this exciting internship program, which was made possible by proceeds from Greater Trenton’s First Annual Caren Franzini Capital City Award Celebration held last year,” said Bryan Evans, Vice President at Greater Trenton. “We look forward to expanding this program to engage Trenton students who have a passion for writing to accentuate New Jersey’s Capital City’s more positive narrative while also exposing bright minds to the world of journalism and communications.”

Emily will attend Dickinson College where she will major in Communications and Business Administration and Belveth will begin Rider University with a focus on secondary education and mathematics.

“Greater Trenton’s internship program offers a tremendous opportunity to not only strengthen a passion for writing, but to also help bolster positive stories about Trenton from talented minds and bring fresh perspectives to Trenton’s multifaceted story from a lens of progress and opportunity,” Evans noted.

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