Most Millennials and Generation X’ers fondly remember the X Games coming online with Tony Hawk and Shaun White dominating the half-pipes. Many of us then grabbed a board and took it to the streets, ramps, and rails to in hopes of eventually winning a medal at the X Games. Many of us also probably still have small scars or bruises from those failed attempts.

For those of us looking for an indoor skate park to relive our youth or to teach the next generation we can fortunately come to Trenton.

Come to Trenton?

Freedom NJ is an all-volunteer 501c(3) nonprofit led by skateboarders and Trenton residents working to open Freedom Skate Park (an indoor skate park) in the Capital City. To promote this effort, they are hosting free classes and sessions at the Roebling Wire Works (675 S Clinton Ave), starting this Saturday January 12th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.. The organization seeks to work for three groups in particular, “For skaters, for kids, and for Trenton”.

For skaters

“In the same way a theater brings together people who love acting or a concert venue builds a community of musicians, a skate park provides a place for skateboarders from all walks of life to come together to learn new tricks, make new friends, and share their passion for skating.  Freedom gives skaters a place to practice their skills and connect with their friends when the weather prevents them from skating outside and also deepens and unites the skate community by bringing together diverse scenes as skaters leave their local parks for this central spot.”

For Kids

“The process of seeing an obstacle, thinking of a trick to do on that obstacle, and then persevering through fear, frustration, and pain to land that trick teaches young people how to think creatively, set goals, and work hard to follow through on their vision. Freedom teaches kids in Trenton these lessons by providing a space for them to interact with and become part of the skateboarding community. We target underserved children specifically by partnering with established nonprofits such as HomeFront and the Boys and Girls Club to host beginner skate events and board giveaways for youth in their programs.”

For Trenton

“Freedom will bring new energy to the city of Trenton. Skaters are wanderers who are not afraid to explore cities. They will eat breakfast at the local diner before coming to Freedom, get a snack at the corner store for lunch, and drink a beer at the local bar after they’re done skatingAttracting skaters will support Trenton’s small businesses and contribute to creating a livelier, more vibrant downtown. Freedom plays an active role in this process by encouraging skaters to support other Trenton-based businesses and by hosting events such as art shows and concerts focused on bringing large groups of creative young people to the city. In this way, Freedom not only expands and deepens the skate community’s presence in Trenton, but it we also enrich the city’s cultural landscape and support other small businesses.”

The organization was founded by Jake McNichol, Freedom’s Founder and Executive Director, who is a skateboarder, writer, and communications professional who grew up in Ewing, New Jersey and now lives and works in Trenton.


To learn more or to get involved, visit them online at or on Facebook at Also stop by the Roebling Wire Works (675 S Clinton Ave) this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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