Although any new business in Trenton is a wonderful thing, it is even better when that business meets a previously unmet need for our city’s residents. Today, East Coast Capital stands as Trenton’s only mortgage banker. Branch manager and building owner Jody Scarpinato is also a fully licensed insurance producer. As the city continues to develop, we are always inspired when entrepreneurs choose to bring their expertise to the Capital City. Read on to learn more about East Coast Capital, what they do, and why their work is so important for our great city.

When asked about East Coast Capital and its mission, Jody Scarpinato stated “Everything we offer is available for both English and Spanish-speaking clients. The business is two-fold. First, East Coast Capital is a mortgage banker licensed in over 40 states for over 20 years. We offer traditional mortgages such as conventional, FHA, VA, and reverse mortgages which all work when purchasing or refinancing a home. We also offer non-traditional or alternative financing such as ITIN loans for borrowers without a social security number, no income-verification loans, commercial loans, and much more. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first-time home buyer we are the perfect place for your financing. We will take our time and hold your hand when needed. We work with people with less-than-perfect credit, helping and guiding them toward homeownership. I’m also a fully licensed insurance producer offering every kind of insurance (Homeowners, Auto, Commercial, building, contractor, etc.).”

Continuing to discuss what inspired him to open his business in Trenton, Mr. Scarpinato stated “I was living on Long Island, and I started investing in Trenton real estate a couple of years ago. I knew the area was underserved, and homeownership was a challenge to Trentonians, to say the least. November 2021, I was made aware that 1009 N Olden Avenue was for sale and immediately purchased the mixed-use building with the vision of opening Trenton’s only mortgage bank. This also prompted me, my wife, Andrea, and two daughters, Gabriella and Sophia, to move to New Jersey in February earlier this year. My belief is ‘advice is always free, and all levels of clientele have already taken advantage.”

When asked about the needs of the city, Jody hopes his business serves the community as “…a safe place to come and learn about all thing’s homeownership. To feel comfortable just stopping in to say hello, have a question answered, and at the same time have a great place to obtain any insurance they might need.”

For entrepreneurs who are considering starting their own businesses in Trenton, Scarpinato had some words of encouragement: “Just make sure you understand that Trenton is a community unlike any other. They are tight-knit and eager to learn when the teacher is authentic and really cares. It is rewarding having people already thank me for opening the bank and asking what took me so long to get here.”

It’s clear that East Coast Capital is already having an impact on our city, and we look forward to seeing the lasting relationships forged because of their presence. As East Coast Capital guides Trentonians through the exciting journey of homeownership and beyond, it is evident that lives will be changed in the process. If you would like to get in touch to learn more, please contact Jody at East Coast Capital at (609) 357-8726 for more information.

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